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Champagne Mangos
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  HOW TO CHOOSE RIPE CHAMPAGNE MANGOS Choose Champagne mangos that yield to gentle pressure. Much like peaches or plums, the softer mangos feel, the riper they will be. They’ll also be enticingly fragrant! Another clue to readiness: Champagne mangos change color from green to greenish-yellow, to yellow and then golden as they ripen. Don’t […]

Hokto Kinoko Mushrooms
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Hokto Kinoko grows specialty Japanese mushrooms in a spotless facility in San Marcos, California. Their mushrooms are clean and ready to cook; portions are easily separated by hand. Trim off the base of the beech mushroom clusters and use them individually or in groups. Cooking mellows the flavor of the white and brown beech varieties; they’re […]

FREE March 2015 Nutrition Services
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Join our own registered dietitian, Rachel Alves, RD, LDN for FREE Talks & Tastings. Rachel’s events are fun and info-packed! Whether Rachel is dishing up healthy recipe ideas, yummy samples, or quick one-on-one nutritional counseling, you’ll want to partake. No pre-registration required… just stop by!   Schedule subject to change. IT’S NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH Bite […]

Fresh Turmeric Root
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Native to Indonesia and southern India, turmeric has been used as a healing food for more than 5,000 years. This knobby root, which bears a resemblance to ginger, has earned its medicinal reputation. Turmeric is a potent but safe anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helps reduce the effects of IBS, rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis and other […]

Matt's Hand-Made Caramel Apples
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THE BEST FALL CLASSIC IN THE WORLD! If it’s autumn…it must be caramel apple time! Matt Masiero and his capable crew are working overtime to fill our stores with expertly hand-crafted caramel apples.  From plain to fancy, our apples may just be the best on the planet; we invite you to be the judge! Are you a purist?  […]

Sandwiches the Guido's Kitchen Way
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Sandwich Lovers Take Notice! We make a mean sandwich in our Pittsfield store. Guido’s co-owner Chris Masiero says, ” I am constantly amazed at the number of sandwiches that fly out of the store!” Step up to the Guido’s Kitchen counter and tell us what makes you happy. CHECK OUT OUR GUIDO’S KITCHEN SANDWICH MENU

Guido's says Take It Outside
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They’re the indelible mark of summer, the thumbprint of the season and no two are ever alike: picnics! What better way to take in the beauty of the Berkshires than sharing delicious food in the great outdoors in the company of friends and family? As veteran picnic lovers, we’re dedicated to making sure you’re well-equipped […]

Chocolate at Guido's
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Food for the Gods and You, Too! by Joyce Nelson, Guido’s staff writer photographs by Dominick Avellino Chocolate has a special place in our culture and our hearts. Chocolate is perfect for gifts, expressions of appreciation, declarations of love and affection or treats for yourself when your’re down  or deserving! As you reach for […]

What's New in Pittsfield
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Our stores are always buzzing with can’t-resist food and drink. Guido’s co-owner Chris Masiero takes you on a spin through the Pittsfield store’s newest  and tastiest. CLICK TO WATCH MORE GUIDO’S VIDEOS  

Meet our in-house Registered Dietitian
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Here at Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, we share with you a firm belief in the power of simple, fresh and wholesome food. Our warm and engaging staff member RACHEL ALVES, RD is standing by to guide you on your quest for optimum health. Rachel can be found in both our Pittsfield and Great Barrington stores at […]