Our Management

Alicia Aldam, Human Resources Manager

Department: Administration
Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x150
Email: aaldam@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Rachel Alves, Registered Dietician

Store: Pittsfield and Gt. Barrington
Email: ralves@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Thomas Barstow, Natural Foods Director

Department: Natural Foods
Store: Gt. Barrington & Pittsfield
Phone: 413-528-9255 x107
Email: tbarstow@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Tom Berger, Deli Manager

Department: Deli
Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-1898
Fax: 413-442-1854
Email: tberger@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Jessica Bosworth, Natural Foods Assistant Manager

Jessica BosworthDepartment: Natural Foods
Store: Gt. Barrington
Phone: 413-528-9255 x350
Email: jbosworth@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Mike Cimini, Produce Manager

Department: Produce
Store: Gt Barrington
Phone: 413-528-9255 x315
Fax: 413-528-6256
Email: mcimini@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Tom Cornwell, Produce Manager

Department: Produce
Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x139
Email: tcornwell@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Jo-Anne Dooley, Business Manager

Department: Administration
Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x105
Email: JDooley@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Mark Froio, Facilities Manager

Store: Pittsfield & Gt. Barrington
Phone: 413-442-9912 x 115
Email: mfroio@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Kyle T. Hartley, Natural Foods Manager

Kyle T HartleyDepartment: Natural Foods
Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x112
Email: kthartley@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Erica Heinlein, Front End Manager

Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x122
Email: eheinlein@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Caitlin Loverin, Special Events Manager

Caitlin LoverinStore: Pittsfield & Gt. Barrington
Phone: 413-442-9912 x145
Email: cloverin@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Matthew Masiero, Co-owner, Guido’s

Store: Gt. Barrington & Pittsfield

Dawn Masiero, Marketing and Design

Store: Gt. Barrington & Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x208
Fax: 413-442-4984
Email: dmasiero@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Christopher Masiero, Co-owner, Guido’s

Store: Gt. Barrington & Pittsfield
Email: cmasiero@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Chris is not only the owner, but a professionally trained chef!  Mange!

Mike Mazzeo, Co-owner, Mazzeo’s Meat & Seafood

Department: Meat & Seafood
Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-2222

Rudy Mazzeo, Co-owner, Mazzeo’s Meat & Seafood

Department: Meat & Seafood
Store: Gt. Barrington
Phone: 413-528-4488

Joyce Nelson, Webmaster

Department: Pan-Guido’s
Store: Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x101
Fax: 413-442-4984
Email: jnelson@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Justin Pratt, Produce Manager

Department: Produce
Store: Gt. Barrington
Phone: 413-528-9255 x315
Email: jpratt@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

John Ryan, Wine Manager

Department: Wine & Spirits
Store: Gt. Barrington
Phone: 413-528-9255 x320
Email: jryan@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Chris Smith, Front End Manager

Department: Front End
Store: Gt. Barrington
Phone: 413-528-9255 x337
Email: csmith@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Annie Whalen, Co-owner, Bella Flora

Department: Flowers
Store: Gt. Barrington & Pittsfield
Phone: 413-442-9912 x100
Fax: 413-528-6118
Email: awhalen@guidosfreshmarketplace.com

Call Annie for flowers, plants, gifts and fruit baskets.

Chris Whalen, Co-owner, Bella Flora

Department: Flowers, Gifts & Fruit Baskets
Store: Gt. Barrington & Pittsfield
Phone: PF: 413-496-8242
GB: 413-528-1581